Monday, August 10, 2009

Now That It's Dead...

NYC-CAN gets some publicity in the NY-NJ media. The Newark Star-Ledger runs a soft-focus piece on the ballot initiative and some of the supporters, including Lorie Van Auken.

Efforts like those of NYC-CAN face the danger of becoming overwhelmed by the more radical elements of the so-called "truther" movement, some of whose members already have reached their own conclusions about 9/11 -- including a contention that the destruction of the Twin Towers was not caused by the airplane crashes but rather internal demolition.

Except Van Auken herself has expressed some kookery herself:

“There are just so many unanswered questions,” says Van Auken. “I would say you need roughly 400 hours of research to graduate from 9/11 kindergarten class. That’s why it’s so hard to keep people on the same page, because they’re coming at this issue from a million different angles. A friend might tell them about building 7, or they might watch Loose Change on the internet, or they’ll say, ‘Hold it a second, you can’t make cell phone calls from an airplane.’ And then suddenly a little alarm bell goes off in their brain, and they say, ‘Wow, we don’t know the whole story about this.’ That’s all it takes, the little alarm bell, and then, bam, welcome to the place we’ve been living in for the last six years.”

No discussion of Edgar (UFO) Mitchell. Little discussion of the problems with the ballot initiative, including the fact that Van Auken cannot serve as she is not a New York State resident.

But the real enjoyment is in the comments, where all the fruitcakes come out to party. I particularly enjoyed this one:

Look no further than Larry Silverstein.He had the motive,the means,and the opporunity.He had a photo op that previous Friday with Di Francesco and Pataki to cover his tracks.

Afterwards,instead of showing compassion for the victims,he had the temerity to ask for double indemnity by claiming that it was two separate attacks.It certainly was:,the Muslims he trained and hired,and the dynamite he planted.

Hat Tip: Anonymous in the comments.

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