Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Fat Lady Is Moving Towards the Front of the Stage

And it appears that the comic opera known as NYC-CAN'T is headed for the final curtain.

Today the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN) filed its Memorandum of Law with the New York State Supreme Court, beginning a 6-day count down until the historic March For Answers to be held on September 27 at 2pm. The march will start at Battery Park and work its way towards Ground Zero, the New York City Clerk, and the State Supreme Court, before arriving at City Hall.

The legal memo is here (PDF file), and while for the most part it is "legal" (i.e., more boring than high school geography), there is some entertaining "Truth" to it as well:

1. "Set up to fail."
2. "Pull it." (No, I'm not kidding, see page 11).
3. Stand-down order.
4. Sibel Edmonds.

Mingled in with the legal citations are footnotes referencing YouTube videos and the Journal of Nine-Eleven Studies. I'll leave it to the lawyers to figure out whether the Troofers get the pie in the face on the 30th; but the fact that the Troofers are talking about the countdown to the "historic" day they march rather than the day the decision will be announced is probably a pretty good clue.

And typical Troofer dolts, note that they are marching on the NYC Clerk's office, the State Supreme Court, and City Hall. On September 27, which happens to be a Sunday. Yes, I assume that's the only day they can muster some support, but it's like the old joke:

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