Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is Your Brain on Alex Jones

I was over on Alex Jones' Prison Planet, with my occasional perusal of the nuttiness, and came across this YouTube video, of a women who claims to be a military reservist blowing the whistle on the preparations for martial law forcing everyone to take the Swine Flu vaccine. As part of this, she claims, military units are planning to set up checkpoints, and mark people who have received the vaccine, and then cart off the rest to concentration camps. She is, of course, revealing this at great risk to her own life, and warns that she may never be heard from again if this video "falls into the wrong hands", which I suppose is pretty hard to prevent, since it is on YouTube.

In any case, as proof of this nefarious plot, she posts the documentation at the end of the video from the miniaturized "brand new" "RFID tracking device" that they are going to use to track the movements of the people as part of this martial law crackdown. A quick examination of this paperwork shows it is a "Phoenix Jr" from Cejay Systems, which can be easily found at their website with the description.

Phoenix Jr. (NSN: 5855-01-438-4588) is an extremely rugged and low cost Infrared marker beacon. The Phoenix Jr. was principally designed as an individual Combat Identification marker employed to minimize fratricide (the inadvertent destruction of battle field assets by friendly forces.) It has also been used as a vehicle ID marker, drop zone indicator and perimeter marker. Since its introduction in 1984, the Phoenix Jr. is the most widely used electronic Combat ID system in the world.

The fact that this woman might actually be in the military, is scary.

Update: I suppose I should add, for people who aren't familiar with the technology. That little device that she shows, is basically just a couple of LEDs which operate in the infrared spectrum. The reason it is so little is that it is just the top, and it clips on a 9 volt battery. Aside from the fact that it is not RFID, and is essentially nothing more than a tiny flashlight only visible through night vision goggles, it would be a silly way of tracking people against their will.

Gee, I don't know, how would you defeat such nefarious technology? Maybe you could... unplug the battery?

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