Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reports from Troofest '09 Trickling In

One of the guys who went to Sander's NYC event:

* Barrett, Ranke, Les Jamieson and many of his associates were all there.
* Ranke had a table set up in front of the church where he was distributing free DVDs of National Security Alert
* Ranke spoke and literally had people standing up clapping when he was finished. I would not call it a standing ovation, but people in attendance were overwhelmingly supportive.
* Ellen Brown's book Web of Debt has praise on the back of it by a writer for the American Free Press.
* There were not more than maybe 200 people there. I think that most of the crowd volume was at the We Are Change event. This one attracted a much older audience than the We Are Change activities that I witness at Ground Zero yesterday.
* Daniel Hopsicker was not there and apparently backed out at the last minute. I am not sure if he had problems with who else was on the bill.

Heheh, people were standing and clapping, but it's not a standing ovation? As for Hopsicker, I'd guess that they couldn't pay his airfare. And the attendance estimate may be overblown:

My estimate would be 100 or even less. It was definitely a pathetic scene, that's for sure.

Or less:

The portion of the conference today with Baker was really good. It was a lot of the same stuff that I had heard from Baker before, but he is always very informative. There were about 60 people there and like Truthmod said, it was almost entirely white men over the age of 50.

Jon Gold can't even drive to Ground Zero for 9-11 without dedicating the ride:

The education of the sheeple goes on:

I love that he leads with John Schroeder.

Anybody seen any text reports from the We Are Changing Diapers crew?

Update: Our buddy CHF writes that the Toronto Troof chapter was a little more honest than most:

Toronto 9/11 Truth: 8th Anniversary Celebration, Fri, September 11th, 7 pm

Yep, it's a celebration.


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