Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Crazy Scale

Who's nuttier, the Birthers or the Truthers?

On to the truthers. This is a conspiracy theory of older vintage, with a richer history of horsesh*t, so we won't even try to be comprehensive in assessing the movement's claims. Let's just tackle the shaky cornerstone of a premise, which in this case consists of the observation that the collapse of the twin towers is better explained as the result of a controlled demolition than airplane collisions. Adherents of this belief, including Brigham Young University physics professor Steven E. Jones, say that there has never been an adequate formal investigation into the possibility that explosives planted within the World Trade Center brought down the towers, rather than the extreme heat of burning jet fuel, which experts concluded caused the collapse of the buildings' steel skeletons.


Our final verdict: Truthers are crazier. Birthers are dumber. In the name of the Illuminati, let's hope these people don't mingle among each other and reproduce.

That sounds about right to me; the Truthers have a lot of nutty professors and the Birthers not so much. But more Birthers, certainly is my impression.

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