Friday, September 11, 2009

Rob Breakenridge MP3 Up

Scroll down a bit for The World Tonight Redux and you'll see the episode there; right click and save link (or target) as to download the MP3 file.

One thing that hit me as I hit the sack last night was that Dylan is full of crap on his response to my first issue, which was the bit about the Defense Department and defense industry people on the plane. If he is not indicating that it's suspicious that those folks were on the plane, that he's just showing that the planes were light on passengers, then why does he highlight those particular passengers?

And as it happens this is not one of those things you need to watch Loose Change 9-11 American Coup to see. You can watch Final Cut here and start it at 38:16, and see how Dylan shows us where the hijackers were located. Then he shows us where Barbara Olsen was seated, as well as employees from Boeing, Raytheon, the Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, American Airlines, the Navy, Army and "other government agencies". Is there any doubt what he's doing there? And, aside from Daniel Sunjata's narration, there's no difference as far as I can see between FC and AC on this point.

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