Monday, September 21, 2009

Yet More Overly Credulous Journalism

This time from the Santa Barbara Independent.

It's long and it goes far too easy on Richard Gage and his goofball gaggle:

Now, in three years, Gage has signed up 804 architects and structural engineers, some from top firms, who challenge the official version of the buildings’ collapses.

Of course a real analysis of Gage's gang reveals that many are neither architects or engineers, and the ones that are would increase the average age at at most nursing homes.

Notably, the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division has acknowledged that AE911’s core evidence deserves — and will get — FBI scrutiny. In a December 2008 letter, Assistant Director Michael J. Heimbach assessed AE911’s presentation as “backed by thorough research and analysis.”

That bit always cracks me up. Did they really expect an FBI agent to write back and tell them that they were a bunch of nutbars? Have they followed up with Heimbach to see how much "scrutiny" he's given to their theories since December 2008? I mean, it's ten months now, surely the arrests for controlled demolition at the towers is imminent?

Within his 20-year career, Richard Gage, 53, has designed numerous fireproofed steel-framed buildings.

Bull. Richard Gage has designed a few gymnasiums, that were not steel-framed unless construction methods of gymnasiums have changed in the last decade. I'm sure his gymnasiums were either tilt-up concrete or masonry, and that the only steel elements were the joists holding up the roof. And I'd doubt very strongly that those joists were fireproofed.

Update: For Brian. Concrete gymnasium in Northern California. Berkeley, no less:

Willard Middle School is comprised of five buildings: a partial two-story classroom building constructed of concrete, a single-story concrete gymnasium building with attached girls locker room, a single-story concrete multi-use building (I building), a single-story concrete cafeteria building (attached to the I building), and a single-story split-level administration building. The I building and gymnasium were constructed in 1952, the cafeteria and administration buildings were constructed in 1964 and the classroom building was constructed in 1977.

Note that although the gym was built in the 1950s, the modernization program did not involve replacing the concrete structure:

the gymnasium modernization which included:

* modifications to improve accessibility, including restroom improvements;
* hazardous material removal;
* an upgraded electrical system which included new clocks and fire alarm improvements;
* a new mechanical system;
* fresh paint, new skylights and a new roof;
* a remodeled interior to accommodate a weight room; and
* a new gymnasium floor, new backboards and new bleachers.

If only Richard Gage had been the architect, he would have told them that steel framing is the only way to go, forget the new floor.

I could continue with many more examples--do you know what they make gyms out of in earthquake-prone Japan, Brian?--but I'm not going to let the tail wag the dog.

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