Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pacifica Nuttery Exposed by the Nation

Apparently the fruitcakes at the nuttiest radio network in America are pushing 9-11 crackpottery. The subject is Amy Goodman, who's supposedly gatekeeping the zanies:

No matter, the Governance Committee at Pacifica passed the resolution, a step taken to discover whether you-know-who has been funneling money to Goodman to cover up "the truth" about 9/11. "We'd like to know what kind of 9/11 coverage the Ford Foundation paid for," said Condon. "The whole issue of 9/11 and Amy Goodman has been ongoing for years and years and years."

I like the conclusion:

Instead of serving as a vibrant home for incisive programming that challenges the assumptions of mainstream debate, the network has fallen into the hands of sectarians and crackpots whose control over the Governance Committee may be strong but whose hold on reality appears tenuous.

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