Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poker Player Has Nuts Cracked

I'm familiar with some of the top poker players in the country, but Jeff Madsen isn't one of the names I've heard, although apparently he's pretty high up there. And, I would guess, pretty high.

Hmm, what else? Oh yes, September 11th came and went, and people are still blinded to the obvious fact that this was an orchestrated event. This fact is so obvious and clear to so many people in the world that it is astounding to me that there is even still debate about whether it was or not. The only discussions should be about the specifics about how certain powers handled each part of this event, and where this false flag event is leading us as a people. It is scary but TPTB (the powers that be) are slowly working towards a "New World Order" as its been quoted... and it's difficult to know how as an individual to fight against the scary future of a one world oppressive government. The first step is realizing that things are not as they seem. For an interesting look at some history about bloodlines of power and the evolution of evil and those in power, check out this series of videos: Im not saying that everything is definitely true or false, but you have to take in this as a look at what the reality of history could possibly be... because the history told to us is never exact and is often far from the truth:

Yes, 9-11 was orchestrated by KSM and Mohamed Atta, but the rest is basic Alex Jones fruitcakery. And, as usual, if you're a nut about one thing, you're a nut about another:

Another quick philosophical topic, I was dreaming last night and was having a dream about my sister. I haven't seen her or talked to her in a while cause I've been away from Los Angeles for a while. When I woke up I realized I really missed her and went to my phone to text her, where I saw that she had literally just sent me a text message. Most people would look at these kinds of things as coincidences, but I know that they are certainly not... everyone has thoughts that come before a certain event that are eerily connected. Your friend calls you right when you thing of them.

The truth is, these things happen because the "mind's eye" is focused enough on the other person to send them a sort of subconcious message. The two people are in a sense meeting up in a seperate form of conciousness, and this triggers them to connect to each other in our current realm of conciousness.

Sure it does, Jeff. He recommends Bloodlines of Power, this crazy film:

How much dope do you have to smoke before that starts making sense? The girl narrating that is familiar to me; I think she was with Ann Arbor 9-11 Troof a few years ago and did one of the "Zionists did 9-11 films".

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