Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Troofers Fret Over Billboard

Lucus points to this:

I wanted to bring this particular billboard back up to the spotlight since the date is just a few weeks away. Most of us know the elites have some sinister twisted way of projecting what they are going to do. The possibility can't be discounted here.

Notice how the billboard is making sure you notice that date because it's ripped off and on top of the ripped out headline.

Is there any war games, terror drills, or military exercises planned for that day that anyone knows of?

Of course he misses the obvious; November 9, 2009 is what, children? That's right 11-9-2009. And if you use Captain Eric May's numerology secrets, you can eliminate the two zeroes, and add the other two numbers together to come up with 11-9-11! 11111111!

Nuttiness aside, it's an advertisement for the website of the Buffalo Red Cross. So now the Red Cross is in on the plot?