Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Next Steve Alten

Yet another Troofer novelist:

Sawyer said, “I absolutely, passionately believe that 9/11 was enabled by forces and interests high up in America-both government and commercial-people who knew it was in work could have prevented it, but decided instead that it offered an excuse for another war. Something upon which our entire economy and incredible prosperity has depended since World War II. Something that, as 2001 neared its end, it was time for once again.”

It's funny, but I don't remember the US being involved in a lot of wars from 1991-2000, a period of very strong economic growth. And give us a clue what you mean by "commercial-people"; Larry Silverstein?

The character of Adam seems to have been drawn from Sawyer's own attitudes in childhood, which he said “invariably caused me to question authority, to regard it with automatic skepticism or outright contempt.”

Most of us outgrow that phase.

He outlined the entire 9/11 scenario: future hijackers known to be taking flight training, supposedly not monitored; the lack of USAF fighter planes in the Northeast Corridor and anywhere near Washington, DC on that day; and the “confusion” in which long-standing, previously followed protocols about what should happen when airplanes are hijacked or even go off course, were ignored.

Sigh. I suppose I'll be hearing that crap about 61 intercepts on my deathbed.

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