Thursday, November 12, 2009

The 9-11 Controlled Demolition Movement It Is

One of the Troofers posts this video with the note that "The 9-11 Controlled Demolition Movement cutting edge: Announcing the truth to the officialdom. The politicians."

As you can see, it's the usual fruitcake stuff. Note that when Gage gets off onto the other "evidence" presented, he actually mentions the put options. Seriously.

In the comments at the post on Flogger, someone asks about the new term, 9-11 Controlled Demolition Movement. The poster replies:

Now, the 2009 Nanothermite report of Dr. Jones and Prof. Harrit proves beyond any doubt that 9/11 is a controlled demolition, therefore an inside job. The invaluable scientific research of Richard Gage and his foundation only confirms this. And this is also being presented in their public education campaigns and their attempts to initiate a new investigation.

So, 9/11 Controlled Demolition Movement is a group of people who understand that 9/11 is a controlled demolition. The intellectual potential required for making this deliberate conclusion, in my view, must be around IQ70 and higher.

About half of the Troofers qualify under that standard.

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