Friday, November 13, 2009

Goldwag of Boing Boing Notes the Paranoid Style

Having stirred up the kooks last week, he kicks them in the face with another well-written article.

Of course he's furious! He's educated, articulate, and politically committed. He's not some disreputable, anti-social obsessive--he's a veritable exegete of 9/11 anomalies, as fluent in the jargon of physics as he is in political dialectics. It's bad enough that he has to endure the studied neutrality or outright hostility of the really big guns of the left--Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein--but then an arrant nobody like me comes along with, as one of his fellow posters put it, "a metric tonne of standard issue boilerplate" and presumes that he can conjure away the whole edifice of 9/11 Truth with a couple of wisecracks. Not only am I smug and ignorant and intellectually dishonest --- it's as if I don't even care about the subtle distinctions between one brand of Truthery and another, as if I can't be bothered to acknowledge the museum's-worth of evidence that he and his colleagues have so assiduously curated.

As usual, the kooks come out in the comments; "50-ton hydraulic press," and "Pull it," are highlighted. My favorite is the guy who says:

To go along with the last link, here is an Appendix of the FEMA report showing unexplained, aberrant molecular changes in the steel, that weakened them dramatically. A "liquid eutectic mixture" is found that is high in iron, oxygen, and sulfur.

But isn't FEMA a part of the federal government? What happened, didn't they get the memo reading "ix-nay on the iquid-lay tectic-euay ixture-may?"

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