Sunday, November 01, 2009

Paranoid about Droids

The Troofers' newest superstar is Dwain Deets, one of the geese in Gage's gaggle, who has been giving lectures, including a recent one in San Diego. Deets is a former NASA engineer, giving him some added credibility. Not, of course, that he actually uses his engineering skills; he does pretty much the same lecture as Gage, although I assume he's smart enough to say "freefall acceleration" rather than "freefall speed" like Box Boy.

But the paranoids who insist that the Pentagon was hit by a drone aircraft, or a missile, or anything other than Flight 77, have done some looking into his background, and in turns out that Deets worked a lot on unmanned vehicles:

What we see here is some of the earliest work on the remote piloting systems for airplanes.

Detailed as you can see, is a jumbo jet.

This image is found in a paper written by Dwain Deets in 1985, just prior to the Controlled Crash Test of the remote piloted jumbo jet at Dryden Research facility.

I think it would be fair to say that Dwain Deets is probably considered an expert on the remotely piloted flight control systems as well as a pioneer in the drone aircraft technology. There are probably more connects that I just have not found… yet, but he has been intimately involved in the development of this technology since 1974.

Of course, it's just the usual "connect the dots" argument from the kooks about other kooks. I am sure that Deets had nothing to do with the attack on the Pentagon. Honestly.

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