Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Box Boy is Australia this weekend and still selling the same line of bull. But I had to laugh at his latest interview with Truth News Australia, because as usual, the Troofers want to have it both ways. Starting about 17:00 in, Gage gets off onto thermite/thermate, which he explains is a high-tech incendiary. Now we can quibble about how high-tech it is when you can buy it on ebay, but note that about 17:50 he specifies that thermite "doesn't have the large 'bang' of C4 or RDX, high energy explosives."

But at about 29:50, Gage is back onto the "explosions described by over 100 first responders." It's like the whole bit about how thermite doesn't have the large bang is completely forgotten. And it probably is, for about 90% of the kooks.

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