Monday, November 02, 2009

Troofer Candidate Celebrates Big Victory in Montreal

The big victory? He came in third in the mayoral election:

Richard Bergeron lives only a few blocks from Montreal city hall. Last night, he and his party took a step closer to moving in.

At his victory party in the Gay Village, the 54-year-old Projet Montréal leader celebrated the rise of his marginal party to a solid standing as No. 3 in city politics.

With chants of, "We're number three!" no doubt. His Troofer statements raised some eyebrows, although he claims to have changed his little mind:

But Bergeron was also dogged by questions about his judgment, such as having written (and not recanted) that he believes the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were "an act of state banditry" that profited "the mafias surrounding George W. Bush," and justifying his smoking habit as "good for my health" because it makes him run slower when he jogs, lowering his risk of injury.

Turns out the guy has a Moroccan wife, and converted to Islam; another Kevin Barrett?