Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bob Kerrey Gets Truth-Squadded

Just keep in mind how long Jeremy goes on before actually getting to a "question". Hell, he's a minute and a half in and he's still rambling on about how JFK was going to deescalate the war in Vietnam. Of course, this is pure fantasyland; in fact, JFK increased the number of US troops from 800 to 16,500 in the final month before his assassination. Correction: This was the increase during the JFK administration.

There are two more parts to the video, and in the end the Troofers think they got him to admit a conspiracy that goes back over 30 years; of course sane people assume he's talking about folks like Zawahiri, not some murky CIA plot. I am pleased to hear the amusement in the crowd as Kerrey blows him off; clearly everybody there knew that a crackpot question was asked and got the kind of response it deserved.

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