Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Response to Jon Gold

We get dragged into another fight over at Flogger and used as a club to beat Jon Gold with. Loose Nuke posted a bit of Adam Larson's work at Frustrating Fraud and gives props to JREF forum member Mangoose, which sets off the battle. CIT-head Bruno writes:

"Props to Mangoose at JREF for a couple of these leads."

What the heck is that all about? Earlier this week loosenuke and Jon Gold were giving props to screwloosechange, and now they are giving props to the JREFfers.

As loose nuke correctly notes, Mangoose provided leads, that Adam Larson followed up on. The information stands on its own; either it is true or false. Bruno, and fellow nutter Adam Syed, are attempting to deny the information by casting aspersions on the person who provided links to the information elsewhere.

As you can imagine, giving props to Screw Loose Change and JREF is a mortal sin in the Troof Movement, and Jon Gold hastens to assure all that he's not doing that:

Really Bruno? Did I do that? I believe what I said was just because SLC posts a link, does not make the link illegitimate. On top of that, my name isn't anywhere in this post. Your statement is a falsehood. I despise ScrewLooseChange, and the people that run it. They are hideous individuals who cherry pick the worst the 9/11 Truth Movement has to offer, and do their very best to portray them as the whole. They lie, and omit crucial information from most of their arguments. Part of the reason I debated Pat Curley was because I wanted to discredit him, and people like him.

Well, you know how it is. Yes, at times we highlight the worst the 9-11 "Truth" Movement has to offer. But is there really any "best" to the movement? Back when we started, David Ray Griffin was considered the spokesman by many. It's safe to say that still more or less applies, even if Gold and the Truth Action folks have cottoned onto his tricks.

Richard Gage and Steven Jones? Oh, sorry, that's the Controlled Demolition Movement. Who, exactly, or what would you like us to focus our debunking efforts on?

Oh, that part about being despicable? It's despicable to accuse the Bush/Cheney administration of involvement in the 9-11 attacks, which Jon Gold still does, even though he never hangs his hat on any actual proof.