Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Troofer Comic Update

Rick Veitch apparently is taking the title of his Troofer comic book, The Big Lie, quite literally:
Ashcroft and Willie (note the pimp outfit) Brown.  Man, that crap certainly doesn't come up much any more.  Veitch lets us in on his own version of the conspiracy theory:
Yeah. And the second thing that sort of came to me, which I’ve never heard this discussed anywhere, is the possibility that when they build a giant skyscraper like that, they pre-load it with munitions to take it down in case of emergency. And that what we saw after the strikes was that they were worried that the damn things were gonna tip over and so they took them straight down. And of course if it is the case that some of these buildings are preloaded with explosives then they couldn’t tell people. I’m just imagining this, of course. But in the absence of a real investigation that’s kind of what happens.
 Actually quite a few kooks came up with that one, including Jesse Ventura.

Update: Okay, thanks to some contacts in the industry I was able to obtain a digital copy of the comic.  Comments:

1. "Pyroclastic" clouds.
2. As she tells them about the attacks, they respond with standard Troofer talking points.  Box cutters, haha, the military would intercept the planes in 8 minutes, this would only work if the government was involved, etc.
3. While she is desperately trying to convince them to evacuate the building with less than 30 minutes left, she goes into a long digression on the Iraq War, then listens to another guy (who voted for Reagan) rail on about the neocons and PNAC. Tick, tick, tick.
4. In a moment of supreme irony, her husband is a structural engineer, and makes the argument that fires never brought down a steel-framed, blah blah blah.  Better yet, if he were trying to bring down the towers, he'd use one of those "low-noise thermites".
5. They're convinced that she's some sort of actor playing a role rigged up by "Stephen" (Spielberg is clearly implied) and so they don't believe her.  Of course any sensible woman would tell her husband some sort of secret that only she would know.
6. Ads in the back for Press for Troof and Box Boy's clowns.