Sunday, October 02, 2011

Moron Blakeney and Veteran's Today

Josh Blakeney apparently scored a columnist position at the prestigious Veterans Today website.  The University of Lethbridge, where Josh has a scholarship to study 9-11 Truthiness, sent out a perfunctory note of congratulations. And then the feces hit the fan:

In an article in the National Post last Friday, I wrote about the University of Lethbridge’s School of Graduate Studies’ imprudent congratulations extended to dedicated 9/11 “skeptic” , Joshua Blakeney,  for taking up a position as writer with the misleadingly titled , Veterans Today. Blakeney, it will be recalled, is a protégé of Anthony Hall, professor of the U of L’s “Globalization Studies” program.  Judging from the program’s website, the curriculum spends a great deal of time and effort ensuring young minds realize that all the evil in the world stems from western imperialism.
In stark contrast to many of our institutions of higher learning (the mealy-mouthed York University and the University of Toronto immediately spring to mind),  the University of Lethbridge didn’t mince any words in its response to Blakeney’s new gig at Veterans Today.  The U of L’s Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Robert Wood, in response to my article, stated, “The anti-Semitic content that is periodically published inVeterans Today is morally repugnant, and it deeply offends the core principles of tolerance, respect, and citizenship upon which the University of Lethbridge is founded.” 

Now that is not to deny that Veterans Today is certainly a heckuva website.  When Josh submits his articles, they will no doubt be reviewed by its impressive editorial board which includes:

Gordon Duff - Chairman of the Board, U.S. Marines, Vietnam Lt. General Hamid Gul – Director General ISI (Former Chief of Intelligence Services, Pakistan) Col. Eugene Khrushchev - Former Russian Army Officer and First Secretary, Soviet and Russian Embassies, Kabul, Afghanistan Major Bobby Hanifin - US Air Force Khalil Nouri - Afghanistan Political Expert and Military Specialist Carol Duff - RN, BA, MSN, Veteran’s Health Issues Editor Jim W. Dean – Military Order of World Wars, Association of Former Intelligence Officers Debbie Menon - Middle East Issues Editor
Even more impressive is the fact that the editorial board has compiled that impressive resume while maintaining the physical appearances of college students:
Josh will join a young and vibrant staff at Veterans Today:
Of course, he could have joined that same young and vibrant staff at other companies:
I have little doubt that Josh will fit in well at Veterans Today.