Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some Integrity at AE 9-11 Troof?

Turns out some of Gage's volunteers resigned over the Nation of Islam event:
In fact, it is because of the decision to go to this event that I quit as a volunteer team leader after 2.5 years of working at ae911truth. I was not the only one to leave because of this either, however I will not say who else left - that is for themselves to say.
IIRC, this is the same guy who bankrolled the 9-11 Truth comic book by Rick Veitch. He has more to say:
Richard wants to think this is the event that will catapault the new investigation. I have not heard anything more ridiculous and contrary to the obvious, and yes I told him exactly that many times before leaving.
I think Richard is more looking for new money rather than a new investigation, but I'm a skeptic.
I am nothing more than a hard worker, I will probably be better without AE becuase Im tired of *(feeling like I am) babysitting Richard.