Sunday, August 07, 2016


Several years ago I posted on Deborah Lipstadt's books Denying the Holocaust and History on Trial, so I am rather excited to see the latter has been made into a movie staring Rachel Weisz. I will be standing in line for this one.


At 14 August, 2016 15:58, Blogger snug.bug said...

I’ll be interested to see it too—and not just ‘cause Ms. Weisz played so sympathetic a character in The Bourne Legacy.

When I was a kid I always intended to look into the holocaust denial argument because I like to be open-minded and I was curious about its basis. Since 9/11, on a quality-of-argument evaluation, the deniers have pretty much crushed any interest I ever had. They’re an extremely confirmation-biased bunch—just as are the proponents of the very weakly-evidenced official legend of 9/11.

Unfortunately it seems that the group’s tolerance for posters who thought it was funny to lie about 9/11, to deny that there were any widows, and to deny that they had any unanswered questions, drove most of those who had actually read some books on the subject away. What remained then was mostly people who considered their sex fantasies and speculations about others’ underwear to be intimidating.

It’s too bad. This could have been a serious discussion forum. I did learn a very few valuable facts here—it wasn’t all fashion opinions and the arcane sexual vocabulary that Guitar Bill presumably learned from his fellow choir boys.


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