Monday, March 20, 2017

What's Box Boy Richard Gage Up to These Days?

If you check his events page, it looks like "not much" is the answer. The most recent event shown is the 15th anniversary, where Gage shared the stage with Munchkin Barbara Honegger.

But it turns out that the founder of AE911Truth participated in the recent Nation of Islam conference. It's not like Gage to avoid publicizing such events; when he appeared there in 2012 he was certainly crowing about the opportunity to expose Louis Farrakhan's followers to 9-11 Troof.

Back then we bashed him a bit based on inside information we had stating that Boy Wonder Kevin Barrett would be appearing with him. As it turned out, our insider was wrong. Waterboy Kevin Ryan appeared instead.

And indeed, this may give us something of a clue as to why Richard Gage is not anxious to publicize his appearance at the Nation of Islam rally. This time around, not only was he appearing with Kevin "the Holocaust is a hideously destructive myth" Barrett, but also Christopher Bollyn.

Bollyn gave us quite a bit of amusement back in the early days of this blog. Once a reporter for the Holocaust-denying, white separatist rag the American Free Press, Bollyn was an early investigoogler of 9-11 nuttery, with the result that when a more respectable and scholarly-seeming man like David Ray Griffin came along, Bollyn's work was often cited. Indeed, I used to joke that Griffin seemed unable to complete a book without referring to him once or twice.

One afternoon, Bollyn was apparently drinking when he noticed a suspicious looking vehicle parked in his neighborhood. When he confronted the occupants of the vehicle, they apparently freely admitted they were local cops on a stakeout of a nearby residence that they suspected of drug-dealing.

Well, paranoid people are going to be paranoid, and Bollyn assumed that the cops were in fact spying on him. Big altercation, Bollyn assaults a cop, and he's up on charges. He was convicted and probably facing about 90 days in the big house, but he lammed instead.

So this time around, Gage shared the stage with two Holocaust deniers, one of whom may still be a fugitive from justice.

I'm sure he'd much rather we talk about his exciting new NIST whistleblower.

But it's a classic false appeal to authority. As Peter Michael Ketcham himself notes in the video, he did not work on the WTC investigation. He states that he was in the mathematical computations area, which leads me to wonder if we are in for some real deep calculations that prove inside job.

Not to worry. Ketcham's cited evidence has nothing to do with number crunching. It's the usual "symmetrical collapse into its own footprint at near free-fall acceleration." Ketcham is Charlie Sheen with less hair.

Here's Ketcham's Linked-In page. His current occupation?

Mobile application developer currently building a data visualization application for Apple iOS devices with an emphasis on accessibility for disabled users. Other interests include data science, virtual reality environments, haptic technologies, hierarchical data formats, matrix computations, and Swift numeric data types for rational numbers, complex numbers, and quaternions.

Again, if he were questioning the numbers used by NIST he might have some credibility. But he's not, he's just parroting the Truther talking points.


At 22 March, 2017 05:15, Blogger flyingswan said...

911 Truth seems to have gone very quiet, first time you've done a blog post for ages. You'd think with a conspiracy believer in the White House it would be getting a big boost, but apparently not.

At 22 March, 2017 08:36, Blogger Uncle Sporkums said...

Yep, and apparently, Bannon and Ol' Leather Lungs are being investigated by the Feds on account of their apparent part in Putingate, but any sane Jonestown follower would know that they obviously got too close to da twoof.

At 22 March, 2017 12:29, Blogger Uncle Sporkums said...

Btw, Yt user Primo has edited together this AMAZING real time reconstruction of the attacks using the actual witness videos, news reports, ATC recordings and Flight Simulator recreations.

At 23 March, 2017 20:03, Blogger Ian said...

I'm pretty sure Leather Lungs Jones has been pushing the crackpot ideas about the "Bowling Green Massacre" and that Malmo, Sweden is under the control of Islamic radicals. Yes, the same Alex Jones that DOESN'T think Islamic Radicals attacked the US on 9/11.

I guess one of the advantages of nonstop conspiracy thinking is that you don't need to have any consistency to your beliefs.

At 23 March, 2017 20:04, Blogger Ian said...

Also, Brian, I know you're reading this, and you've been refreshing this page many times a day for the last 6 months, so I just want to remind you that Willie Rodriguez is a hero, the widows have no questions, and your "meatball on a fork" model will never be published in an academic journal.

At 25 March, 2017 07:48, Blogger Uncle Sporkums said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 25 March, 2017 07:49, Blogger Uncle Sporkums said...

Jones is now forcing himself to apologize for starting a rumor that caused one of his kook followers to go on a killing spree.

At 29 March, 2017 13:20, Blogger Pat said...

Uncle Sporkums, I think you mean that Comet Pizza's lawyers are forcing him to apologize. ;)


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