Monday, September 13, 2021

9/11 + 20 Looks Back on Loose Change

 On the twentieth anniversary, a look back on former Truthers.

Loose Change was highly influential, because video is the most effective form of indoctrination and propaganda,” Mr Kay said. 

Up until then, “it was generally understood that that high-quality video propaganda was too expensive for ordinary people to create, and required too much in the way of specialized skills”, but “Loose Change showed people that an ideologically dedicated group of non-professionals now had access to desktop technology that would allow them to produce an effective propaganda film without spending a lot of money, or even creating much in the way of original footage”.


At 18 September, 2021 13:10, Blogger Uncle Sporkums said...

20 years later, and this "movement" of theirs has only become more and more deranged. So much so that an outreach of Jones influenced poison caused a violent-mass insurrection. Now, all these idiots whining about covid not being real are crying about catching it in their jail cells. I wonder if this tantrum is what Do-Over Dylan seemed to want to instigate at the end of LC the first cut. Thanks for all you've done against these sociopaths.


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