Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cindy Sheehan Has Some Free Time...

And we know that people who have free time tend to join the 9-11 Truther Bandwagon. She appeared on Alex Jones' show today (MP3 File) and lent her support to the crackpots. Her appearance starts at about 68:00 into the show.

She gets into the 9-11 Woo starting around 76:00:

I think that the 9-11 Commission Report was a total travesty and um, a smokescreen and I am also calling for an independent um, like I said a better investigation, um actually an investigation into 9-11 because really the other one was just a farce, and I have steadfastly stuck to my guns and I believe that part of the reason why we're having so many problems in the Arab Muslim world is because of our overwhelming support for Israel's policies in Palestine. And I've supported it, I've said I'll stand by that statement 100%, I think our policies need to be fair in that region to everyone, not just the government of Israel and I know there are many people who are Jewish and who do live in Israel who agree that their government is very oppressive of the Palestinian people, and I think that those are occupied territories as much as Iraq is and I've called for occupations to end all over the world."

Jones of course wants to nail her down on the tinfoil stuff and she obliges at 78:28:

"Well, why, um, was the air defenses doing a uh, exercise that day. Why was the new FAA head there that day for the first day, and why weren't the controls--the automatic mandatory controls--when you lose contact with an airplane, you intercept it with a military jet, and that should only take seconds, and those orders--I mean it's not even--from what I understand, and you know more about this than I do, it's not even an order to do that--it's mandatory! (Jones interjects, "It's default!") From what I understand it's the FAA person, who just started that day, countermanded that automatic order."

She is of course referring to Ben Sliney, who was not the head of the FAA, but the national operations manager, but who was in fact in his first day on that job on 9-11. And the notion that those planes could have been intercepted in seconds is risible. In the much-cited case of Payne Stewart, for example, it took the military 4,860 seconds to intercept his plane; approximately 81 minutes in other words. Sliney's major order that day was for a national groundstop, prohibiting any more planes from taking off; he certainly made no orders that could remotely be interpreted as forbidding the military from intercepting the hijacked planes.

"And it does look to me like a controlled demolition. But I'm not an expert.... But maybe now that I have more time, I'll study it more thoroughly...."

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