Thursday, June 28, 2007

Funny and Sad Article on the Columbus Clowns

This one was written by Jordan Gentile, and it's safe to say that Jordan's not neutral on the story. Talking about a theater owner who has agreed to host a Trutherthon film festival:

“I don’t think I’d show a neo-Nazi film or anything like that,” said the theater owner. “Far right, far left—just total wackos. I’m not into that kind of stuff.”

“But,” he said, “I don’t think this is on that same level.”

Told that many people find 9-11 conspiracy theorists to be exactly the kind of “wackos” he describes, Brembeck replied, “Who calls them that? Fox News?”

Heheh, wackos about sums it up. As usual, despite the brave claims that 84% or 36% or 22% of the population are 9-11 Deniers, we hear about how tough things are when "Truthers" come out of the closet:

Sherry Clark can relate. When the raven-haired, Delaware, Ohio-born mother of two—a self-described Republican “trophy wife” who voted for George W. Bush twice—was converted to the cause last year, she was told by friends and relatives to seek mental help. The Presbyterian church she helped create, she said, suddenly wanted nothing to do with her or her activities. And she’s currently divorcing her husband, to whom she became an embarrassment and social liability.

I found this part amusing:

Luckily for the group’s cinematic ambitions, there were lots of radical 9-11 docs to choose from, most of them already in the public domain. One of them, in fact, was the picture that first inspired Clark to join the movement—back when she was still a Republican trophy wife. It’s an Internet movie called Loose Change, and she says it changed her life.

“I was beside myself—I was determined to prove them wrong,” Clark said, referring to the filmmakers. “But doggone it if they weren’t right.”

Sherry's not much of a researcher if she couldn't prove Loose Change wrong. They're hoping to make some conversions, but they're also planning on showing five consecutive movies, and only the last two, 9-11 Press for Truth and Improbable Collapse are 9-11 wackery. Hilariously, this means that people will have sat through 266 minutes--almost four and a half hours--before they actually get to the point of the festival.

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