Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Insanity Is Spreading

As I have commented in the past, the statement by Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats that impeachment is off the table is making 9-11 Denial more attractive to the far Left who are slavering for the end of the Bush regime. Here's an obviously frustrated Left-Winger indulging herself in a little 9-11 tinfoil hattery:

Watch WTC #7 in this video and try to tell me or try to convince me that that building DID NOT come down in the same fashion as WTCs #1 & #2! WTC #7 wasn’t even on fire and it came straight down at free-fall speed just like the others did. Sick. Americans have a right to question the events of this day and we are!

Yes, you have the right to question that day. And you have the right to make idiotic mistakes in questioning that day. For starters, WTC #7 did not come down in remotely the same fashion as WTCs #1 and #2. The Twin Towers collapsed from the point of impact down. WTC 7 collapsed from the bottom. It and the Towers did not collapse at free-fall speed (sic) as Dr Greening pointed out just the other day. WTC 7 was on fire; not even "Truthers" deny that (they just claim that the fires weren't severe enough).

Expect to see more Lefty bloggers going for the Hail Mary pass with 9-11 Denial.

Update: Check out also this post about Richard Gage and his clown posse over at A&E.

They include a Fire Protection Engineer who’s had his license cancelled 9 years ago, a Land Surveyor, a Mechanical Engineer, and an Electrical Engineer who aren’t qualified to analyze or design structural designs, and a Civil Engineer who’s professional registration check returns no results. Indeed, true scholars for “truthiness” if there ever were any.

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