Thursday, July 12, 2007

9/11 Ripple Released

The sequel to the 9/11 nutjob movie that started it all 9/11 Ripple Effect is now posted on the Internet for the legions of 9/11 deniers and their gullible friends. I have only watched the first 15 minutes and thus far the movie should be titled "Return of the Pod People". Incredibly they show a 2.75 inch rocket launcher from an A-10, as supposed evidence of what it might be. Even Kevin "Stalker" Barrett throws his hat in the pod people ring. But remember, if you bring up the "pod theory" to most 9/11 deniers you will be accused of using a strawman argument, because "nobody believes that theory anymore".

I'll update this post throughout the day as I get through this travesty.

UPDATE: The second quarter hour is a bit more boring. To describe how the twin towers should have collapsed, they go to a lengthy clip with expert testimony by none other than retired philosophy professor Jim Fetzer. What happened to all those engineering experts they claim to have on their side? They must be too busy doing critical research to appear on film. Then they show a clip from 911 Mysteries. The ultimate lazy way to make a 9/11 conspiracy movie is just to show clips of other 9/11 conspiracy movies.

They then go to a lengthy bit on Larry Silverstein and "pull it". Jim Marrs, who appears frequently throughout the film, manages to completely bastardize the famous Silverstein quote:

It just collapsed down after the building owner Larry Silverstein said "Well, I told the fire department to pull it, and they pulled it and we stood there and watched the building come down."

Amazingly, they then show the actual interview with Silverstein and the real quote, thereby showing how clueless their top witness is.

UPDATE 2: Now they are on to the Pentagon, where they speculate that, among other things, the Pentagon may have been hit by a Global Hawk "missile". Uhh, guys, the Global Hawk is not a missile, it is a UAV, which incidently looks absolutely nothing like a Boeing 757. They even manage to resurrect the Christopher Bollyn interview with the Rolls Royce spokesman in Indianapolis, a story which even the Loose Change boys had the good sense to drop out of the latest version of their movie. Do these stories ever die?

UPDATE 3: I am tiring of watching this crap, but I have got this far, I guess I might as well watch the rest. Now it is mostly a lengthy bit attacking CNN reporter Jamie McIntyre for saying that there was no evidence the plane crashed "near" the Pentagon. This has been debunked so many times I am actually amazed they brought it up. Von Kleist also whines on for minutes about how mean Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck are. Gee, sorry guys, maybe Rosie will get a show and you can go on it.

They even mention the long ago debunked "fat Osama video". Amazingly Von Kleist now adds a argument that Osama was wearing a watch and a ring, and Muslims are not allowed to wear jewelry. I have lived in two Muslim countries, and have been following this 9/11 conspiracy nuttery for quite some time, and that is a new one by me.

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