Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Korey Freed!

At least that's what he indicates in this brief video:

Although he claims to be a political prisoner, he also says that he's been released but he's going down to Fort Campbell to make sure he's completely out of the system. He closes with a thanks to Alex Jones and says "Screw Loose Change, I'm not going anywhere!"

Of course, there are two problems with that last part. He is going to Fort Campbell by his own account. But also, we were not making any dire predictions for his future, Alex Jones was. During today's show Alex predicted that Korey was going to jail for 5-10 years and that we'd never see him again. Jones also indicated that he had known that Korey was a deserter.

"I knew that Korey had left the military and hadn't gone back and it was just kind of a footnote in my mind... this is clear, this is the Pentagon coming after us, there is no debating this... And you know what, he did leave them. He left a government that has been run by deserter, traitorous scum. He left the Nazi military ladies and gentlemen and that's who runs our government... And now he gets to go to prison... This is army intelligence, you can guarantee it! Korey's going to spend 5-10 years in prison folks. You'll never see Korey Rove (sic) again."

He also does a horrible job of pronouncing Oneonta (it's OH-nee-on-ta, not "Oh-toh-nia").

Anyway, like I said earlier I bear Korey no ill will. I disagree with his movie, but I honor his service and I would be happy to learn that he had fulfilled his hitch and this was indeed a bureaucratic snafu. Unlike Alex Jones, who was probably hoping to milk this for more publicity for Loose Change Final Cut.

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