Tuesday, July 17, 2007

San Diego Kooks Pester Local Congresswoman

In this amusing little video. None are willing to let her answer their questions; check how many times they interrupt her in the middle of a sentence. They are so hot for impeachment, apparently failing to recognize that the Democrats realize that their only risk at this point for the 2008 elections is if they seem to be going too far.

They get into this Directive 51 nonsense, which Alex Jones and the fruitloops have been hyperventilating about for weeks. I did a quick search for information on this. The Progressive is concerned, but they checked elsewhere and found disagreement from a rather surprising source:

I decided to see what the American Civil Liberties Union thought of the May 9 release of the National Security Presidential Directive, and to my surprise, the ACLU did not seem that concerned about it.

“These presidential directives on the continuity of government have existed for a long time,” says Mike German, ACLU policy counsel. “All it does is establish that they should have a policy and coordinate that policy with legislative and judiciary. It doesn’t change the order of succession, or anything like that.”

Plus, he praised the Bush Administration for making the document public, since previous ones have remained classified.

Note that she has been to Iraq, but these activists have no interest in her knowledge of the situation; they know better than somebody who's actually been there. She definitely seems to be humoring the crackpots; you can see how hard she tries to keep from smiling as they ramble on about how the US is just as much a terrorist as Bin Laden (to grumbles from those who think Bin Laden isn't a terrorist).

Susan Davis is certainly no conservative; the liberal Americans for Democratic Action gave her a 90% rating in 2006, while the American Conservative Union gave her an 8%.

The 9-11 crackpottery really gets going about 8 minutes in. We hear the crap about how Thom Hartmann can't get anybody to defend the official position.

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