Monday, August 27, 2007

About That Molten Metal Dripping from the South Tower

As we know, Steven Jones considers this a very significant event. Paolo Attivissimo, a terrific Italian debunker, looked into the matter and discovered something very significant. (Correction, Paolo drops by in the comments and notes that he translated the piece, credit goes to Henry62 who co-blogs with Paolo here).

Given these facts, it is very likely that the flow was due to light-alloy aluminum but also to the lead of the batteries, combined with other materials originating from the contents of the 81st floor. This combination of materials, after the failure of the floor, poured onto the 80th floor and from there flowed out from the building face. In my opinion, the weight of the batteries and the weakening caused by the fire on the 80th floor (which compromised the structural capacity of the overlying floor trusses) had an important role in the failure of the 81st floor.

Terrific job of research and analysis by Paolo's buddy Henry62! Highly, highly recommended!

Hat Tip: Ron (Pomeroo) Wieck.