Saturday, August 25, 2007

Deception Dollars Show Circle Of Life Applies to Conspiracy Theorists Too

The "Truthers" have a cute little gimmick called "Deception Dollars". They're obvious knockoffs of US dollar bills that are intended to advertise 9-11 Denial websites. One thing is pretty obvious though, looking back at the older issues; the people on top of the 9-11 movement today are like pop music stars; they're here today and forgotten tomorrow.

Consider the first Deception Dollars which featured these websites: Abandoned, and the Wayback Machine says they've got some sort of block preventing us from seeing the site. Never heard of this one before. Site still active, but certainly not a major 9-11 site. Mike Ruppert's original site, it's now gone. Haven't heard an update on Ruppert in awhile. Michel Chossudovsky's site is still running, but 9-11 seems only a small part of their focus. A very influential early 9-11 crackpot site by Jared Israel. Still around but only one update in the last six months. Looks like the fallout shelter took a direct hit.

Deception Dollar #2 added: Yet another ghost town. No rats living in ratville anymore. The 9-11 Timeline is still going strong, still only partly woo. One update since October 2005, to note that some older links are busted. Apparently now a link farm. They do have some 9-11 related material, but it's listed below their "Coup 2004" and "Yes, Gore Did Win" sections.

GNN TV. General purpose crackpot website still going strong. Linkfarmed. General purpose crackpot site. Guy selling bumper stickers, only a few of which are 9-11 related. Anti-Zionism site. Another "blame it on the Jews" site.

In short, it is pretty apparent that none of the websites dedicated solely to 9-11 issues have survived; it's only the folks who integrate 9-11 nuttery with a bunch of other fruitcake stuff that last.