Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Lefty Joins the Tinfoil Hat Brigade

My Left Nut--errr, My Left Wing:

I still have questions.

11 of the 15 were Saudis, flying those planes.
Bush administration overlooks it.

The only flights allowed were to fly out Bin Laden's family.

15 of the 19 were Saudis, not 11 of 15. Bin Laden's family flew out of the US a few days after the flying ban was lifted.

Before PNAC was outed, and their site, ahem, "cleaned" there were many pre-9/11 references to needing a catastrophe to get the American people behind what they saw as an inevitable need to invade and gain control of the Middle East.

Sigh. Rebuilding America's Defenses you mean? It's still there, uncleaned as ever. There are no references to "needing a catastrophe" merely a recognition that the changes to defense policies they advocate would take time absent a "New Pearl Harbor". They don't talk about the need to invade and gain control of the Middle East; that's just nutty.

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