Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Challenge to 9-11 Deniers: Try Your Hand at "Debunking 9-11 Debunking"

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Our debunking buddies Mark (Gravy) Roberts and Ron (Pomeroo) Wieck will be taping two Hardfire shows tonight. The first one will feature Mark and Ron discussing Kevin (Waterboy Wonder) Ryan's and William (Keymaster) Rodriguez's claims.

The second one will be a call-in show starting at 9:00 PM EDT where callers can try their luck at debunking the #1 9-11 debunker. Ron wants it to be noted that Kevin Ryan, William Rodriguez and Richard Gage are specifically invited to call in during the show. Of course, we know that Ryan will chicken out, but it is certainly possible that Willie or Gage may pick up the phone.

The call-in number:


You can watch the latter show live tonight at 9:00 Eastern here:

Scroll down, and click on channel 2.

The other show (without the call-ins) will be available on Google Video at some later date.

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