Friday, August 24, 2007

Why, Some of My Best Friends are Terrorists

Get this rather original response to Stephen Lemons' portrait of Screw Loose Change and me:

It was nice knowing you: Your appalling portrait of pro-Republican Fox News lover Pat Curley is disgusting ("The Yoda of 9/11," Stephen Lemons, August 9). Comparing him to Yoda from Star Wars? When all of your personal rights have been diminished in fear of the "so-called" terrorists maybe you will understand. Ask yourself, how many terrorists have you met? But yet we all should live in fear? I hope you continue to move toward truth, and for now, I choose to move away from your publication. Tell Ted Turner I said hello.

Kevin Jones, Phoenix

Offhand I can think of about 2,996 people who had never met a terrorist as of about 8:11 in the morning on 9-11-01 who were about to have that experience. None of them will have another opportunity to meet anybody.

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