Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's All Part of the Script

We covered a few months ago the nutty theory from the Deniers that the BBC report of WTC-7 collapsing about 20 minutes before it actually happened, was all scripted. Because, as we all know, the media are all happy to report the news that President Bush wants reported.

But now, when the kooks uncover an old report claiming (incorrectly) that Flight 93 had crashed at Camp David, that's evidence of a script as well?

Note particularly this part:

The news anchor subsequently noted that the date marked the anniversary of the signing of the Camp David Accords on September 11, 1978 and tied the coincidence to the fact that the Accords are still disputed in the Arab world. However, the Camp David Accords were actually signed on September 17, 1978 - so why such an obvious error would be made is unclear.

Maybe because the media occasionally get things wrong? But no, everything must fit in their paranoid jigsaw puzzle, so the only explanation is that it was all part of the script.

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