Monday, July 30, 2007

Shayler Goes Icke

Well, another prominent Truther has decided he's the son of God:

High on another stunning presentation from Ian Crane, the atmosphere in a packed Glastonbury Town Hall was pregnant with expectation as David Shayler was wired for sound. Already prepared for controversy by host Andy Thomas, nobody could have anticipated what was about to occur. An extremely tolerant and generally sympathetic audience sat in stunned silence as they endured an hour long narcissistic monologue during which a frail-looking David Shayler explained that he was not only the re-incarnation of the Christ but also the re-incarnation of King Arthur, Leonardo Da Vinci and a whole host of other historically significant characters. As the monologue progressed, it would have been obvious to any student of Stanislav Grof that Mr Shayler is in the middle of his very own 'Spiritual Emergency'! When David Shayler concluded his self-obsessed rant by standing centre stage with arms outstretched in mock crucifixion, the raptuous ovation which had followed Ian Crane's presentation was replaced by polite but nervous applause.

How many times have we seen this? Semi-prominent person (Shayler was fairly well-known in Britain) embraces 9-11 Truth, is adopted by the swooning masses of Blackshirts and placed on a pedestal, and then exhibits increasingly bizarre behavior. See Fetzer, James and Reynolds, Morgan. Of course, to the kooks this is a sign that they're being infiltrated by clever people; to us it's a sign that they attract the mentally unbalanced.

Just as amusing are the comments in that thread:

Glastonbury can do strange things to an individual with heightened perceptions. The energies there are not at all what one might call 'healthy'. It is an area that genuine Chinese Feng Shui masters avoid like the plague. Around the Tor lies an ancient sickness. Has no one else here experienced it?

The antidote is fortunately very easy to obtain - go straight from there to Avebury and lean against one of the Southwest stones at sunrise or sundown. All will be healed and for some, all will be revealed.

Wacky? No - this is REALITY - what we live day to day is the fantasy bred into us from birth by priests and others who would wish to control us.

I have a fairly good idea of what David is going through - so sad that more cannot understand that. IT SHOULD BE BROUGHT OUT INTO THE LIGHT - NOT HIDDEN, CONFINED or STRAIGHT-JACKETED!

Yes, indeed, I too have noted the relative absence of Chinese Feng Shui masters around Glastonbury Tor.

By his own admission last night, David's self-reflection appears to be limited to that induced by his usage of mushrooms, ayahuasca & iboga. Last night's performance indicated that the battle for David's Soul is well and truly under way but any suggestion that this process should be exposed to public scrutiny cannot, in any way,be in David's longer term interests ... and one can only question the motivation of anyone who suggests otherwise!

Shut him UP! Stone him! Nail him to the Cross! Do whatever you can to hide this light?

I ask again - Who can claim to have done HALF of what David has done to uncover the truth about our present world situation? What do you think drives him to be so selfless? In return he has received the universal gift of KNOWING. Reward enough? Yes, if you leave him alone to do whatever he thinks fit.

Shayler was featured prominently in Terrorstorm; I have not looked at Alex's latest version of that mockumentary to see if he's been edited out.

Hat Tip: Mike of 9-11 Myths (at JREF)