Thursday, August 30, 2007

Possibly the Stupidest Truther Idea, Ever

Now I am used to truthers coming up with stupid ideas to try and spread the "truth", from fake dollar bills to disguising troofer videos as porn, and they have even come up with the idea of using the legal system, but this call to action from the Muckraker Report, challenges the lead for troofer idiocy.

A great way to hit back is to hit the History Channel in the pocketbook. Educators and advocates within the truth movement should appoint themselves child advocates and challenge the History Channel in court for inaccuracies in the classroom. A grassroots effort to prevent this 9/11 hit piece from being purchased by public schools should be launched. Furthermore, based on the proven record of misinformation, any future History Channel material should be required to be reviewed and approved by a similar court appointed panel before our public schools can access the information and present it to our impressionable schoolchildren.

Yeah, I want these guys looking out for our children.

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