Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Great Investigative Reporting from Prison Planet

The idiots over at Prison Planet are at it again. This time they are all excited over a blog posting at the Seattle-PI, in which the blogger apologizes for attacking the 9/11 "truth" movement. As Prison Planet writes it:

Mainstream Journalist: I Was Wrong On 9/11 Truth

Blogger apologizes for ill-informed faulty research after urging readers to give truthers the finger

A mainstream journalist who yesterday urged his readers to give 9/11 truth protesters in Seattle the finger has completely reversed his position, apologized to the protesters and promised to help get the word out on full disclosure of 9/11 truth.

In our article yesterday, we chastised Seattle Post-Intelligencer blogger Ron Schott for saying 9/11 truth activists were insulting the victims, heroes and family members of 9/11 when in fact many victims, first responders and family members now lead the 9/11 truth movement.

There is just one problem with this. Ron Schott does not work for the Seattle-PI. He is not a journalist, mainstream or otherwise. In fact if you read the top of the blog that they link to it reads:

Editor's note: P-I Reader Blogs are not written or edited by the P-I. They are written by readers, for readers. The authors are solely responsible for content.

And Schott even adds in his "apology":

I take full responsibility for my post and must reiterate that I am in no way connected to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, except for the fact that my blog is hosted on their site.

And later:

From this point forward I will continue to write about issues relevant to Seattle singles and will leave politics alone.

Now I have nothing against bloggers of course, but confusing them with working members of the press, is rather dishonest.

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