Friday, September 14, 2007

Troofer WAC Job Busted

Here's an oddball little story. A 9-11 kook has been arrested for helping out the Brown couple, those IRS-denying nutbars.

Four men accused of helping obstruct justice in the case of convicted tax evaders Ed and Elaine Brown have been arrested, U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said Wednesday.

Monier said the men are Cirino "Reno" Gonzales, 30, of Alice, Texas; Daniel Riley, 40, of Albany, N.Y.; Jason Gerhard, 22, of Brookhaven, N.Y.; and Robert Wolffe, 50, of Randolph, Vt.

Gerhard appears to be a We Are Change member; his friends include Alex Jones and Luke Rudkowski.

Here's some more info on the charming Gerhard, who appears to be ready for "The Revolution":

Federal agents raiding the home of a Brookhaven man linked to a controversial New Hampshire couple stumbled on an apparent a pipe bomb and rifles, sparking a larger search of his surrounding property, authorities said Thursday.

The more I see of these We Are Changers, the more I think they're going to become this generation's Weather Underground.

Update: Missed this detail in the ABC story:

Because of the explosives found in the home, federal agents had to evacuate neighbors last night. They say they linked Gerhard to the Brown's and their tax scam after he crashed their SUV while running errands for them.

LOL! Typical Troofer!

More news here:

Thursday federal agents and members of the Suffolk police bomb squad continued searching the sprawling property on which Gerhard lived, but as of early evening had not found any additional explosives, according to sources. Gerhard, who recently enlisted in the Army, was arrested Wednesday at boot camp at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri on charges of planning to forcibly resist the attempt by federal agents to arrest a New Hampshire couple, Edward and Elaine Brown, the warrant said.

Discussion of the story here and here.

Hat Tip: Longtime SLC buddy Triterope

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