Thursday, September 13, 2007

Get Your Loose Change Final Cut DVDs Now!

Dylan and co. have now set up a website pre-selling Loose Change the Final Insult DVDs:

This is the long awaited Loose Change Final Cut DVD. The Final Cut is the last amazing step in the evolution of the Loose Change 9/11 film. It presents over 2 hours of undeniable evidence that will leave you speechless. Order it now to guarantee your copy from the first printing. SHIPPING NOVEMBER 11, 2007.

Does anyone think that you will seriously have trouble getting a copy "from the first printing"? Like this is the latest Harry Potter book or something. More likely, based on the fact that they have a link asking for donations (you can donate up to $1000), they are hard up for money, and have to try and move product now, even though the movie is not done.

Don't forget to buy your t-shirt! They are available now.


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