Sunday, November 11, 2007

20 Minutes In

Okay, I'm already getting seasick. Dylan does the swirling zoom in on a photo way too often. And when he does it with text, it becomes especially annoying. Several times already text is on the screen far too short for anybody to have a chance even to read the snippet highlighted, and I'm a pretty fast reader.

Evidence presented: Yeesh. Dylan's reaching with the hijacker segment. We get the usual claims that hijacker X trained with the US military, which stems from the common names some of these guys had. Sayeed Al-Ghamdi is apparently as common a name in the Arab world as Sam Jones is in the USA.

Dylan claims that Satam al-Suqami had his passport in his pocket, but of course he does not know that; it's just something he adds to make the passport's surivival of the crash seem more miraculous than it was.

The Pakistani/ISI connection gets a good going over, including the claim that Mahmoud Ahmed wired 100 grand to Atta the day before the attacks. But of course this makes zero sense; what need did Atta have of money on September 10, 2001? In fact, the 9-11 commission documents that Atta was actually wiring small sums of money back to Al Qaeda in the last few days. We get the usual BS claim from Sander Hicks that the Wall Street Journal confirmed the story; that's a complete misrepresentation. The Journal's inhouse blog "Best of the Web Today" just linked to the original story in the Times of India, and did no independent confirmation.

Able Danger is presented rather dishonestly. Curt Weldon is shown apparently pointing to a photo of Atta in one of the charts. What is not mentioned is that the Atta chart is a recreation; even Weldon was not delusional enough to use a fake chart without explaining that it was not the one he claimed to have seen earlier. And isn't Able Danger really an argument against government complicity? Colonel Shaffer does not claim that his program was shuttered to prevent them from discovering the 9-11 plot, so it's not even LIHOP.