Friday, December 07, 2007

De Planes Boss, De Planes

This was apparently an add-on to the Loose Change Final Cut DVD, as posted over at 9-11 Blogger. Dylan claims that there were two fighters out of Atlantic City that were making practice runs over the Pine Barrens that could have been sent to New York. I'm pretty sure I looked into this in the past and that there are no fighters based in Atlantic City. Update: Yep.

Eleven days after the attacks, former Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler told the New York Times that the Atlantic City base was shut down in 1999, leaving New York City airspace defenseless.

"Up until a few years ago we had an F-16 fighter wing here in New Jersey that would be capable of intercepting one of those planes that crashed into the World Trade Center," Schundler said in a follow-up interview with WABC Radio.

"They decreased the number of wings that were available to do that. So the result was that the closest fighter wing that had the capability to intercept one of those planes was in Massachusetts."

Update II: I should have stated that at least per that article there were no F-16s at Atlantic City as of 9-11-01. It appears that there are F-16s now. I am contacting the base to see if I can obtain confirmation either way regarding the situation on 9-11-01. Kudos to commenter Jake for keeping me on my toes!

Bush's claim to have seen the first plane hit the tower on TV gets the usual going-over; never mind that it's obvious he's confusing later events with what happened at the time. He plainly saw the pictures we all saw; the North Tower on fire, after the crash, and only later saw the actual crashes. Kooks like to highlight this but as with everything they highlight, it makes no sense if you try to work it into the conspiracy theory. Did Bush have some operative training a camera on the WTC so that he could watch the attacks via closed-circuit? Did he just forget then that he was the only person getting this special feed? If so, it's another one of those Merry Pason confessions, like "Pull it". We get the nonsense about how Bush should have bailed out of Booker Elementary, because it was obviously a target.


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