Thursday, December 06, 2007

More Honegger Inanity

We have discussed Barbara Honegger before, the woman with a masters degree in parapsychology who amazingly still works as a journalist for the Naval Postgraduate School. Now she is back on Kevin Barrett's show in a veritable festival of nuttiness (Kevin Ryan is the guest for the first hour).

Honegger's main assertion, which she repeats in-depth here, is that a bomb went off at the Pentagon at 9:30 (she cites April Gallop as a witness) and then a separate object (probably a cruise missile) hit it at 9:37. OK, well there are a few problems with this theory. She claims to have witnesses to the explosion (which she compares to William Rodriguez and his claims of explosions in the basement of the WTC), but for some reason she cannot come up with a single person who then claims to have seen something hit the Pentagon, 7 minutes afterwards. You would think a massive explosion blowing a hole in the wall of the Pentagon would draw some attention, and someone might notice a cruise missile flying into that hole (yes, that is what she speculates happened) seven minutes later. In fact Barrett, that great truthseeker he is, never even bothers to ask that question.


I was also amused by her claim of an anonymous (of course, aren't they always) whistleblower, supposedly someone on a Navy ship in Chesapeake Bay witnessed a cruise missile being fired "towards shore" on the morning of 9/11. Uhh, take a look at Chesapeake Bay, just about any direction you go is "towards shore".

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