Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sneaky Front Page Troofer Diary At Kos?

I don't know; it's definitely played as "If you believe that nuttiness, you might believe this:

Because if repeating lies from random, whacko (sic) sites is now newsworthy by Washington Post standards, I have a few suggestions for next week's political coverage: Laura Bush, Murderer, or maybe, George Bush, Complicit Role in 9/11 Attack. And while they're at it, maybe they can finally set the record straight; Apollo Moon landing, fact or fiction? Because, hey, it's all on the internet.

On the other hand, the link goes to a pretty straightforward nutbar 9-11 site, certainly not one of the worst (and not at all one I recognize) but not one of the best either. The Laura Bush, Murderer link goes to the standard story of an accident she was in at age 16; familiar nonsense. And the Apollo link goes to a site that doesn't right off the bat seem nutty although of course it probably is.

But it's a Kos front page diarist (BarbinMD) who posted this, so it's already got 150+ comments, and those kook websites have probably already gotten more hits than they do normally in six months.

Bad form. If you want to say X conspiracy theory is as bad as the 9-11 conspiracy theories, just say it. Don't link to some idiot's site just to show that there are idiots out there, especially not with Kos' soapbox!