Saturday, February 16, 2008

Buy My Book, Or We're All Gonna Die!

I got this as part of a ridiculously long e-mail from a troofer e-mail group I subscribe to. The Shell Game, apparently did top out on the NY Times list at 31, but is falling, so the author has turned up the heat trying to get truthers to keep his writing career afloat.

Guys, in the last 11 years I have published eight books, hit every best seller list, optioned a book as a movie (twice), sold two scripts, and have two more books set for publication in 2009. To be honest, I knew little about the 9/11 Truth Movement until sometime around October/November when The SHELL GAME went to print. I quickly realized that this loosely-connected group of people, often vilified by the media, were in fact ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things. They were the Davids facing off against the Goliaths. THEY were America’s true Patriots.

And suddenly The SHELL GAME took on a new meaning for me. Because I knew it could break through a barrier that has held your movement back. Because the book is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I also knew from insider sources that the fiction could become true.

Bush's statement scares the shit out of me. In publishing, success is measured by the N.Y. Times best seller's list. Hit the top 15 and your book receives special buy-ins,
special placement on shelves...special media attention. It's like launching a rocket...spots 1-15 push you into orbit. The list is the masses. It’s their shopping list. It gets published in EVERY TOP 100 newspaper every week! Last week, because of the 9/11 movement and my fan base, The SHELL GAME hit # 31 on the N.Y. Times list. This week we hit #33. It feels like the air is slowly hissing out of the balloon.

DON'T LET IT! Back when I was earning my doctorate degree at Temple University, I remember a framed saying on the wall of my advisor’s office. I must have read it a thousand times. It said, “On the Plains of Hesitation bleach the bones of countless thousands who…upon reaching the dawn of victory chose to rest …and there resting were slaughtered.”

Please do not rest. There is a huge opportunity coming as early as March 1st.

To use an analogy, the TRUTH behind 9/11 is being dammed up by the powers that be. George W. Bush Dam. Your efforts to date have been heroic and incredible, but you only caused surface cracks in the dam, nothing deep enough to reach the water on the other side and crack open the floodgates. You want to know how to crack open a dam? You keep hitting it and hitting it and hitting it as you certainly have ben doing...but The SHELL GAME is a sledgehammer.

I’ve been on TODAY show and was interviewed by Matt Lauer. I’ve been on Kathleen Crier. In fact, I’ve been on over 70 morning shows and 300 radio shows, major newspapers and magazines. Get me to spot 10-15 and I will give that dam a body blow it never felt before. On March 1st, I begin the first of a four week book tour, this one in the DC/Virginia corridor. March 14-15 I am in West FL. March 18-23 in Philly and NYC. March 31 – April 7 Chicago and the Midwest. April 21 – 30 in California and Oregon. Each day I will have 2-3 local radio shows, a morning TV news show, and a signing at night. Many of these venues are booked at the last moment...based on (you guessed it ) that darn NY Times list.

Essentially we have 2 weeks to boost this rocket into orbit in order to secure BIG venues like THE DAILY SHOW, ANDERSON COOPER, and DAVE LETTERMAN. It's a small window, but the difference between # 33 and # 15 is about 12,000 sales
in a week.

Of course I once again have to point out that Alten's PhD... is in physical education.

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