Friday, February 22, 2008

Troofer Incentives

As Jason "The firefighters were paid off" Bermas can testify to, the troofers have a strange idea of what people will do for money. Now apparently, they have decided that the only thing keeping people from coming forward to share their insider knowledge of mass murder is the fact that they might lose their jobs.

I'm hereby throwing some suggestions out:

(1) What about offering a reward for insiders to come clean? There must by now be many people in the FBI, CIA, NSA, NIST, U.S. Armed Forces, etc., who question the "official story". Whether it be the "anthrax" farce, the anomalous collapse of the towers, the Olson phone call that apparently never really happened, or even the still unknown person that Norm Mineta recalls as having taken stand-down orders from Cheney, some of the people involved in this madness must have access to damning, indisputable evidence against the conspirators. On the chance that some of these people would be inclined to come forward, but are holding back mainly for fear of losing their career, who knows, maybe a reward may make it happen.

(2) What about offering a reward for evidence that Barbara Olson (or any other victim supposedly killed that day) is still alive? If Barbara Olson is still alive, maybe her maid would like to collect a million dollars to tell us about it?

Yeah, people have no qualms about participating in the cover-up of the murder of thousands, because they are afraid that they might have to update their resume on I think this says more about the average troofers job prospects than it does about the average person's motivations.