Friday, March 07, 2008

Steve Alten Continues to Lie

Steve Alten is out promoting his book "The Shell Game", after it dropped like a rock despite his publisher spending a fortune promoting it. This of course necessitates him lying about the event of 9/11. Here he is in a radio interview.

Atlen[sic], "The World Trade Center, the World Trade Center represented a crime scene, a federal crime scene. All of the evidence from that federal crime scene was kept from FEMA, kept from police, kept from the FBI. Homeland Security came in, took it and shipped it to China and buried [that evidence]"

You would think in his years of research he would have come across a mention of the Fresh Kills landfill, where over 1,000 FBI agents worked for months pouring over evidence. But then again, honesty and truthers do not go along.

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