Monday, March 03, 2008

Another Astonishingly bad JONES Paper

Steven Jones publishes another ridiculously bad paper in his so-called journal, this time by a Swiss history professor Daniele Ganser, thereby proving that foreigners can be just as stupid as Americans. It only takes reading the first couple of paragraphs to find out how lame it is.:

Afghanistan serves as a conduit country for oil and gas pipelines from the Caspian Sea to the Indian Ocean as well as a military base, to surround the Middle East “under the pretense of fighting terrorism,” says Michael Ruppert, former police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Of course working for the LAPD must make you an expert on (non-existent) Central Asian pipelines.

In what surely must be a first for an "academic" paper by a history professor, she quotes that world reknowned expert, Charlie Sheen:

“There is a problem with WTC 7,” explained the actor Charlie Sheen, known for his roles in Platoon and Wall Street. “And if there is a problem with WTC 7, then there is a problem with the entire 9/11 story,” Sheen said on the radio in March 2006. WTC 7 could not have been brought to a collapse by an airplane, as it was never in fact hit by an airplane. It could also not have been broken down by an earthquake or by the collapse of the twin towers, because almost seven hours passed between the collapse of the twin towers and WTC 7. Possible causes are said to be only fire or demolition.

In fact there was a small fire in WTC 7. But Sheen doubts that this fire caused the collapse of WTC 7. Anyone who believes that “needs psychiatric evaluation,” says Sheen. A demolition requires multiple days of preparation. It was hardly Osama bin Laden and his helpers, as they were never accused of it. Therefore only MIHOP remains.

Sheen's statements led to a fierce debate. “How can any rational person believe that our government attacked our own people?”, asked a CNN viewer via e-mail. Another opined: “This is a very important issue that must be discussed by the general public. It is our patriotic duty to find out why and how 9/11 could have occurred.”

Sheen, supported by Hollywood star Sharon Stone, stuck to his question: “I am simply an upstanding American citizen who pays taxes, loves his country, and who resists the propagation of such great nonsense over such obvious truths.”

Well who can argue with that? Both Sheen and Sharon Stone agree...