Friday, March 14, 2008

They Never Notice the Irony

Truthers for the most part are not blessed with self-awareness, but theologian David Ray Griffin takes this ignorance to new heights. I was amused to read this quote of his in an review of his new book, his 5th on the topic, all without the slightest bit of original and/or honest thought.

"Within the philosophy of science, there are two basic criteria for discriminating between good and bad theories. First, a theory should not be inconsistent with any of the relevant facts.... Second, it must be self-consistent, devoid of any internal contradictions. If a theory contains an internal contradiction, it is an unacceptable theory."

Of course it is Griffin, who proudly refuses to advance any sort of hypothesis whatsoever. This has several advantages, not the least of which is he is then free to ignore the hundreds of contradictions in their arguments. There was a plane at the Pentagon, there wasn't a plane, there were hijackers, there weren't hijackers, there were airfone calls, there weren't airfone calls, the WTC was blown up with super secret silent nano-thermite, all the floors were crushed to talcum powder with powerful explosives, ad infinitum.